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Quadcopter Intro


Intro to Quadcopters and Multirotors

Building your own multi-rotor helicopter:


We highly recommend that you consider purchasing a kit for your first (non toy/$200+) quadcopter. There are two reasons for this.

  1. They are cheaper and relatively easy to assemble (soldering skills are a plus). We understand that the whole assembly can seem overwhelming, but we are here to guide you through all the necessary steps and we can assure you that many beginners have sucessfully built quadcopters with less instructions than what is provide here!
  2. You are almost certain to crash your quadcopter at some point and break a few parts. Having assembled the quad will also give you the confidence to repair or replace the broken parts and get flying again quickly.


Note: We use quadcopter and multi-rotor interchangeably in our articles, becuase quads are by far the most common type of multi-rotor.


Types or multi-rotors:

Y6 (Tricopters)





Basic Parts List for a Quadcopter:

1) Frame

2) 4 x Motors

3) 4 x ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

4) Controller

5) Transmitter/receiver Combo

6) Battery 

7) Charger

8) Cable Connectors and wires


Additional part depending on frame, controller and battery:

9) BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit)

10) Power Distribution Board



Easiest Path to Flying:


We have made it easier by shortening the list to the following kits and parts:

1) DJI F450 ARF Kit + Quadrino

2) DJI ARF Assembly Kit

3) Turnigy 3300mAh 3S Battery

4) 3S Battery Charger

5) Turnigy 9xTransmitter & Receiver Combo


This quality setup will have you flying for around $600 plus tax and shipping. The Spektrum transmitter/receiver combo is one of the priciest components ($210) and be substitued with cheaper components, if you are unsure about your commitment to this hobby.





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