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 Ctrl.Me News

Ctrl.Me Flies at SET Awards

Frankie was the host of the second anual SET Awards and Frankie just happened to be a quadcopter in need of an experienced pilot. Ctrl.Me stepped in and flew Frankie on and off the stage during the 2 hour award ceremony. Three successful battery swaps, a dance with Sharon Lawrence and no crashes made this experience quite successful. 

DJI Injunction and What It All Means

DJI North America has been granted a temporary injunction against the mother company DJI China, which has prevented new shipments of products to the US. We hope the parties will be able to resolve their differences swiftly, so we can serve the latest DJI products to our customers. Read more...


New Ctrl.Me Products

We are never happy with status quo at Ctrl.Me and will thus be launching our own innovative products. We are always interested in partnerships, because we believe that we can accomplish more together. Stay tuned for some great stuff.


Ctrl.Me Videos

Click the image above to see the latest videos from Ctrl.Me. Do you have a great video idea or would like to partner on a new robotics product? Stop by our Venice (Los Angeles) office or contact us here.


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